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Bird B Gone Stainless Steel Bird Spikes - 6 ft box
· Bird spikes
· Effective for large pest birds like pigeons, crows, gulls, vultures, raptors
· Fits any contour, can bend 360 degrees
· The wind and sun will move and reflect off the tape creating a visual and audible disturbance in the area that birds will want to avoid
· Includes 6 stakes per pack; 5 years guarantee
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Bird-B-Gone Humane 5 in. Plastic Bird Spikes
· Keep birds away with Bird B Gone patented plastic bird spikes! This low-cost, maintenance-free, and humane bird control solution is ideal for installation on ledges, rooflines, parapet walls, eaves, I-beams, windowsills, light posts, signs, and more
· Easy to install! Plastic bird spikes can be glued, screwed, or tied down
· Pre-assembled two-foot long by 5 inch wide sections offer the most coverage in a single strip - significantly reducing installation time
· Patented UV protected, weatherproof polycarbonate bird spike design will not break and is virtually invisible. All bird spikes are Made in USA by Bird B Gone, Inc
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BIRD B GONE INC 5" x 20' Stainless Steel Spike Keeps Birds From Landing Or Nes
· Stainless steel bird spikes are an effective, humane solution for deterring large birds from landing in unwanted areas
· Birds cannot land on the un even surface created by the spikes and will move on to a better spot
· Stainless steel pins in a U.V. protected polycarbonate base
· The base of the spike strip is 1-1/2-inch wide and can be glued, nailed, or tied down to most surfaces
· The spike strips available in 5-inch widths to match the surface being treated
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