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Sunblaster18-Inch NanoTech T5 High Output Fixture with Reflector Combo
· These fixtures include electronic ballast, 6400K lamp, power cord, jumper plug with both hanging and flat surface mounting clips
· SunBlaster T5HO fixtures link together, regardless of length, to a maximum of 8 single power cords
· The NanoTech reflector was designed using Nanotechnology to produce the ultimate in a reflective surface
· This revolutionary reflector can increase lumen availability by as much as 300% and is now included
· The 18" fixture was designed specifically to fit the NanoDome
· Brand : Sun Blaster
· UPC : 692236092661
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Hydrofarm Plant Grow Bag, 5-Gallon, pack of 25
· Plant grow bag
· Alternative to plastic pots used by greenhouse growers are now available to the residential grower
· Made of a specially formulated plastic
· Package of 25 bags
· Widely used in greenhouse drip irrigation applications
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Hydrofarm Hot House Plus
· The Hydrofarm Hot House Plus grows healthier starts, increases germination success, and has better humidity control for optimum growth
· Includes Jump Start 81 pellet grenhouse to eliminate the fuss and mess of dirt
· The 7" humidity dome makes it perfect for starting cuttings
· Includes waterproof heat mat, humidity dome, 11 by 22 inch watertight base tray, 72 cell seedling inserts, and a seed-starting-booster
· UL listed waterproof heat mat, 17 watts, 120 volt
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$49.99   $39.99

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Plantation Products 18PK Start Peat Pellet
· Peat pellets refill
· Neat and easy pellet expands with water
· Expands to form both pot and sterile soil
· For use in seed starting trays or pots use instead of soil for seed starting product
· Measures 1-3/4-inch diameter
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FloraMicro QT (5-0-1)
· Excellent for all media
· Booster formulat
· NPK (5-0-1)
· Use with FloraGro and Micro
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Grodan Growcubes Large 2 Cubic Feet
· Advantages are better aeration
· Maximum drayage so that you can hardly ever over water your plant
· Easy mixing with other loose media
· Light weight and much cleaner than peat-based media
· The properties of Grow-CubesTM make it like a 50/50 mix of absorbent to repellent stonewool.
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Hydrofarm CK64081 7.5 Inch Vented Dome
· Vented wanted dome creates a humid and warm environment
· Good for cuttings and seed germination
· 7.5 inch dome gives extra height for your taller cuttings
· Adjustable vents allow for perfect humidity and temperature control
· Fits directly onto the standard 10-inch by 20-inch cut kit trays
· Vented humidity dome
· Easy dial vents for precise control of temperature and humidity
· Durable, high-grade flexible plastic resists cracking
· Designed to last longer
· Great for taller cuttings
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Hydrofarm Germination Station with Heat Mat
· Germination station with electric heat, humidity control and 72-cell seedling inserts
· Provides gentle warmth to the planting bed; controls humidity under 2-inch dome
· Humidity dome with dual vent points for optimal airflow
· Includes seed starting booster, instructions with growing tips
· Watertight base tray measures 11 by 22 inches
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Hydrofarm FLT52 24-Inch 24-Watt T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture with Tube
· T5 fluorescent bulb includes electronic ballast, clips, and fixture
· Includes 120V 6ft grounded power cord
· No frequency flickering
· "Daisy-Chain" cable - Connect up to 8 units
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$27.99   $22.99


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National Garden Wholesale SunBlaster Nano Dome Propagation Combo Kit
· The SunBlaster NanoDome Combo Kit includes one 18 in T5 HO SunBlaster NanoTech light fixture
· The SunBlaster NanoDome Combo Kit includes a unique 7 in high dome
· The unique 7 in high dome designed to accommodate the included NanoTech fixture and a 10 x 20 tray
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Feit BPA19HEX1600/827/LED 100W Equivalent True A19 Size LED Light
· Fully Dimmable
· Energy Efficient
· 1600 Lumens
· 25000 Hour Life
· true a19 size for use in fixtures and lanterns
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EyeHortilux Daylight Metal Halide Lamps 250W
· Exclusive Iwasaki (EYE) chemistry provides levels of red, blue and green spectral energy to optimize plant growth and yield
· Designed to provide a fully balanced light spectrum that replicates natural sunlight
· Used professionally in plant physiological research and biotechnology/pharmacology industries
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$149.99   $79.99

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Dynamic Solutions Worldwide UV Fluorescent Bulb, 7-Watt
· For best results, replace bulb every 3,000 hours. Approximately 4 months with 24/7 usage.
· Recommended to replace every 4 months
· Uv light spectrum wavelength especially formulated to maximize insect catch rate
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EcoPlus Air Stone, 8 Inch
· Aerates and adds oxygen to the water
· Circulates nutrients in the water
· Helps to maintain an even water temperature
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Bulb 250W super HPS
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AERO Kitchen Garden
· Measures 8" Wide x 32" High x 8" Deep
· Contains 18 Grow Cups
· Soil-free system means there is no weeding, tilling, kneeling, or getting dirty
· No gardening experience is necessary
· Fits easily in smaller areas where space could be an issue
· Grows many fruits and almost any vegetable, herb, or flower
· Uses less nutrients & water than traditional growing
· Can produce crops in less time than it takes to grow in soil
· Kit includes: GMO-free seeds, Nutrients, Rockwool, Timer, and pH Test Kit
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$425.00   $325.00

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