Our Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate program?
It is a means of sharing revenue for sales that are referred to our site. Amazon.com was one of the first to adopt this way of working together to sell. Essentially, we give you with a unique URL that you either include in your web pages or your e-mails. When a visitor arrives at our site through the link provided, you are credited for 10% of their entire purchase.

Is there cost to join?
Nothing, just contact Dean at deanl@esbenshades.com about getting a link.

When do I get paid? Is there a limit to how much I can make?
We send out checks on the last day of the month if the amount is over $25 otherwise the amount will be rolled over to the following month. There is no limit to the income you could earn.

What are the advantages of your program?
We payout 10% of the purchase price. We are the perfect partner to any online gardening or outdoor living site since most aren't equipped to store, organize, ship such a variety of products. We have worked on this program for years and now we have it to a point that we would love to share what we have done with those who do not want to go through that process.

What kind of support do you provide?
We view every affiliate as a sales relationship. We know that we will succeed if you succeed, so we help in any way we can from providing you with a variety of linking methods or different techniques that encourage sales.

Can I buy from my own affiliate link?
Deffinately, actually we consider that as a huge compliment.

Can I have my own landing page?
Yes, this is a possibility. Please contact us directly to check about this opportunity.

Who provides the customer service?
We do. Please note, if one of your sales is returned or refuses payment, we will reverse the credit your affiliate account since no sale would be completed. This has never happened yet.

Can anyone be an affiliate of Esbenshades.com?
We closely consider every company and individual before issuing an affiliate link.