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Messina Wildlife SQ-U-016 Squirrel Stopper 32-Ounce Trigger Bottle, Organic
UPC: 813935000065
Price: $12.99
Availability: Sold Out.
  • Messina Squirrel Stopper Ready-to-Use 32oz Repellent that prevents squirrel and chipmunk foraging, nesting and damage to all bulbs, tree bark, planters, flower beds, bird seed and feeders
  • Is a highly effective formula for preventing squirrel and chipmunk damage to flower bulbs, bird seed and feeders
  • Can also be used to prevent entry to living spaces (including attics) as well as chewing to building materials, outdoor furniture and even automobiles Safe for use around fruits and vegetables, made of organic ingredients
  • Pleasant smelling, easy to use formula
  • Lasts 30-day, regardless of weather including rain, snow and regular watering
  • Organic formula
  • Safe for fruits and vegetables
  • Great for birdfeeders, seeds and bu-Pounds
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