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Raw Peanuts in shell For Animals 25 lb
· Size : 25 Lbs.
· Great high-energy food source for wildlife
· Will attract a variety of wildlife to your yard
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F.M. Brown's Bird Lover's Blend Cardinal Buffet Wild Bird Food, 7-Pound
· We've added luscious golden raisins and energy-packed peanuts to create a rich blend they'll love to eat
· Attract beautiful songbirds to your feeder
· Loaded with all natural ingredients
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Lyric Bird Seed Fine Tunes No Waste Mix, 15 Lb
· Fine tunes bird food
· A no waste, shell free nut mix for small beak birds
· Hand-crafted, premium mix with all-natural nutrition to attract the widest variety of birds
· Finely cut blend, for smaller beaks - especially younger birds
· 100% edible nut and kernel bland that is a natural source of Vitamin E for bird health
· 6 nutritional ingredients. Not recommended for domestic (caged) birds
· Made in U.S.A.
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Lebanon Lyric Wild Bird Mix
· An economical choice
· Premium wild bird seed mix attracts great variety of birds
· No waste or filler
· Made in USA
· Economic blend with select ingredients to attract a wide variety of wild birds
· Contains over 20% sunflower seeds
· No filler in bag
· Made in U.S.A
· Lyric Wild Bird Mix will attract and feed these colorful songbirds and more; cardinals, doves, finches, jays, juncos, sparrows
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$4.99 - $31.99

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Cole's SA05 Safflower Birdseed, 5-Pound
· Safflower bird seed
· Safflower is a special seed that strongly attracts cardinals, nuthatches, titmice and chickadees
· Safflower is not eaten by most squirrels or blackbirds
· It contains black oil sunflower, sunflower meats, black striped sunflower, raw peanuts, safflower, pecans
· This product weighs 5-pound
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Cole'S Critter Munchies Food Black Oil Sunflower,Corn,Peanuts,Striped Sunflower 5 Lbs.
· Critter munchies wild bird food
· Critter munchies works well in a in a platform feeder or scattered on the ground
· Either way squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits can not get enough
· It contains whole yellow corn, striped sunflower, peanuts in the shell, black oil sunflower, raw peanuts
· This product weighs 5-pound
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Cole's BH05 Blazing Hot Blend Bird Seed, 5-Pound
· Blazing hot blend bird seed
· A traditional blend of highly desired seeds protected by hot habanero chilies
· Beautiful songbirds can't get enough while those pesky squirrels say yuck
· The birds primary source of nutrition and convenient
· Comes in 5-pound plastic bag
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Wild Delight Special Finch Food Niger Seed,Sunflower Kernels 5 Lbs.
· Advanced formula special finch food
· Premium ingredients formulated to attract finches and other small songbirds
· Includes a special blend of premium grade sterilized Nyjer seed and extra clean fine sunflower chips
· No chemical preservatives
· Comes in 4 pounds jar
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Cole's HM05 Hot Meats Bird Food, 5-Pound
· Hot meats bird food
· Birds love it while squirrels hate the hot cajun flavor
· It contains sunflower meats, hot chili peppers, safflower oil
· We have taken top quality sunflower meats and coated them with an exclusive pepper treat
· This product available in 16-ounce
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$18.99   $12.99

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Cole's Wild Bird Products FS08 Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce, 8-Ounce
· Flaming Squirrel seed sauce
· A nutritional birdseed supplement that contains all natural, 100 percent food grade ingredients with a super hot and spicy flavor
· It tastes hot to mammals but not to wild birds
· To keep squirrels and voles from digging up your bulbs, dip each one before planting
· The 8 oz. Seasons 30 pounds of Birdseed.
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Lebanon Seaboard Seed Corporation 26-47276 Peanut Pieces, 5 Pound
· Lyric, 5 LB, peanut pieces
· A perfect treat for all those arboreal birds such as titmice
· Keep the food dry for best results
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$9.99   $8.99

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Wild Delight 360050 5 Lb Zero-WasteTM Fruit Blend Bird Feed
· An elite, zero-waste wild bird food
· Blended with fruit to attract the most desired out
· Gives you the cleanest feeding experience
· No chemical preservatives
· Attracts : Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Finches, Grosbe
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Wild Delight Cardinal Food
· Wild delight advanced formula cardinal food contains real cherries and raisins.
· A premium wild bird food blended to attract and feed the most desirable outdoor pets.
· Attracts cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches and other outdoor pets.
· Use with tube feeders (with large holes), hopper feeders or platform feeders.
· Convenient, reusable pail.Ingredients : Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed, Peanuts, Dried
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