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St Gabriel Organics Natrl Milky Spore Powder, Grub/Jap Beetle Control,Pack of 2
UPC: 699064800406X2
Price: $166.99
Availability: In stock.

  • Milky Spore Powder is a One Time application
  • Ten year performance guarantee on the Japanese Beetle Grub
  • Not harmful to man, animals or the environment,
  • DIRECTIONS - Milky Spore Powder is a One Time application using only one teaspoonful every 4 feet in a checker board pattern on your lawn, or use the Lawn and Garden Dispenser.
  • GOING GREEN IS EASY AND HEALTHY - Our products make it easy for you and your pets to live a greener and healthier lifestyle. For us thinking "Green" and making a difference is a way of life.
  • SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES - The Milky Spore is not harmful to people, animals, beneficial insects or the environment; safe to use around water ways.
  • THE MILKY SPORE PROCESS - Grubs do damage to your lawn and attract digging vagrants such as moles and voles. Milky Spore is a naturally occurring host specific bacterium that puts a protective blanket on your lawn.
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40 OZ, Concentrate, Milky Spore Grub Control, Covers 10,000 SQFT, 100% Organic, Safe To Use Around Children & Pets, Can Be Applied Whenever The Ground Is Not Frozen, Typically Late Spring Through Early Fall, Once Established, Milky Spore Will Last 15-20 Years.
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