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Sweet-Nectar Butterfly Food: All-natural & Dye Free Premium Butterfly Nectar Concentrate
· SAVE WITH CONCENTRATE : One bottle of our concentrated butterfly nectar formula makes over 2 (76 oz.) liters of butterfly food.
· Infused with naturally steam distilled wildflower waters and fruit extracts that butterflies actively seek out in nature.
· All of our nectars are made with pure cane sugar.
· EVERYTHING YOUR BUTTERFLIES NEED : We've carefully fortified our nectars with calcium and electrolytes to help aid reproduction and eliminate dehydration.
· WITH NOTHING THEY DON'T : Our nectars are always dye-free and "hot-packed;" bottled in glass at a high temperature for maximum shelf life, and without the need for harmful preservatives or additives.
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Schrodt BFH-H Hanging Butterfly House
· Original hand-etched glass sides by Gary Schrodt
· Slots provide passage and ventilation for butterflies
· Butterflies can cling to the mulberry branch
· Dramatic overhanging roof
· Top lifts off for easy cleaning
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Welliver Outdoors Mason Bee Tube Refill
· 6" length with 5/16" opening
· Replacing tubes after larvae hatch provides a more sanitary environment for bees year-to-year
· Use with Welliver Outdoors mason bee house
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