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Jacks Classic 20-20-20 All Purpose Fertilizer, 1.5 Lb
UPC: 671341520245
Price: $10.99
Availability: In stock.

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Jacks Classic 1.5# 20-20-20 All Purpose Fertilizer

All-Purpose 20-20-20
1.5lb. Tub

  • Balanced nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium withminor nutrients for all indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Feeds both the roots and the leaves.
  • All sizes are packaged in high-quality plastictubs with 100% water-proof labeling so they can bemerchandized outdoors with plant material if desired.

    From J.R. Peters, Inc.

    The Peters family has designed and produced watersoluble fertilizers for the professional greenhousegrower for over 45 years. These Jack´s Classicproducts are the state of the art in fertilizertechnology made from the highest quality technicalgrade materials. They are professional gradeformulations with minor elements which dissolvequickly and completely to a clear, non-stainingsolution. You won´t find these products in the chainstores. They are meant for independent garden centerswith their customers´ demands for high-quality plantsand plant-associated products.
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