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Cyclamen 4.5"
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Cyclamen are one of the most attractive and popular houseplants for winter flowering.

You can find cyclamen in shades of pink, red, or white. The foliage is attractive, often having silver marbling on the top sides of the leaves. The entire plant, when in flower, reaches only about 8 inches high.

Water when leaves are present and the plant is actively growing. Water whenever the soil feel dry. Watering from the bottom is best, but do not allow your plant to stand in water. If watering from the top, water slowly and avoid getting water on the crown of the plant.

As the flower begins to fade, gradually allow the plant to dry out for 2 to 3 months. It's going into a dormant stage and any excess water will cause the tuber to rot.

New growth will probably start to appear around September. At this point, resume watering and feeding. Bring back indoors before the cold weather.

High humidity, especially during the winter, is crucial. Keep the cyclamen on a tray of water with a layer of pebbles or something else to form a shelf for the cyclamen pot to sit on. do not let the cyclamen itself sit in the water.

Feed with low-nitrogen fertilizer every couple of weeks while in full leaf.

Give your cyclamen bright, indirect light in the winter. While your plant is dormant during the summer, keep it out of bright light.

Cyclamen do not like heat, but they are not frost hardy. Do not expose to temperatures below 50 degrees. Avoid drafts as well as hot, dry air.

Dormancy Period:

Cycamen generally go dormant for the summer. They don't like the lack of rain and excess heat. By April the leaves will begin to yellow and die. When they go fully dormant depends on their growing conditions. If they are houseplants and the heat is kept high, they will dormant more quickly. On the other hand, some don't ever appear to go fully dormant.

During the summer, dormant cyclamen can be kept indoors, in a cool, dark spot with good air circulations or outdoors, in a shady spot. If you put yours outdoors, be sure to turn the pot on its side to keep the rain out. If the soil gets too wet during dormancy, the tuber will rot. A little water isn't going to do any harm, but you don't want the soil to remain wet.

You can repot with fresh soil and a slightly larger pot while the plant is dormant.

Begin watering again in September. By then you'll probably be seeing new growth starting.

Cyclamen Quick Tips:

  • Love the cold weather
  • Allow plenty of fresh air
  • Love long dark nights
  • Water only when plant dries out
  • Old leaves and flower stems should be removed with a twist and sharp pull. (Do not cut off leaves or flower stems)
  • Don't put in a heated room
  • Place in a well-lit position
  • Fertilize every ten days
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