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Echo Valley 8140 Glow-in-the-Dark Illuminarie 10-Inch Gazing Globe
UPC: 042338081405
Price: $29.99
Availability: In stock.

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  • Beautiful ocean mist color gazing globe
  • Glow crystals embedded inside each hand blown glass globe
  • Hand-blown glass construction
  • Stands sold separately
  • 10-inches in diameter
  • Beautiful mauve color gazing globe
  • 10-inch in diameter
  • Beautiful amber color gazing globe
  • Produced from hand-blown glass
  • Interior dark-blue swirl finish with streak of light blue and green
  • Comes with moisture protective seal
  • Fits most standard globe stands, columns & pedestals (search "Echo Valley Globe Stand")
  • 10" Gazing globe
  • Red swirl decorative illuminative gazing globe
  • Luminescent crystals within globe absorb solar energy during the day and emit a soothing light green glow
  • Glow is visible for up to 4 hours after dusk depending on light exposure level
  • It can be exposed to any light source to recharge
  • Measures 10-inch diameter
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E-V 10" Illuminarie Earth Globe
Part of Echo Valley's exclusive patent pending line of glow in the dark garden décor products! Glow crystals embedded inside each hand blown glass globe absorb light energy from any light source and emit a soothing light green glow for hours after dusk. Blue with blue/green accents in the shape of the Earth's continents. 10".
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