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Hydrofarm Germination Station with Heat Mat
· Germination station with electric heat, humidity control and 72-cell seedling inserts
· Provides gentle warmth to the planting bed; controls humidity under 2-inch dome
· Humidity dome with dual vent points for optimal airflow
· Includes seed starting booster, instructions with growing tips
· Watertight base tray measures 11 by 22 inches
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Sunblaster 904298 NanoTech T5 High Output Fixture Reflector Combo, 4-Feet
· These fixtures include electronic ballast, 6400K lamp, power cord, jumper plug with both hanging and flat surface mounting clips
· SunBlaster T5HO fixtures link together, regardless of length, to a maximum of 8 single power cords
· The NanoTech reflector was designed using Nanotechnology to produce the ultimate in a reflective surface
· This revolutionary reflector can increase lumen availability by as much as 300% and is now included
· The 18" fixture was designed specifically to fit the NanoDome
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FedEx label Midi mobil
· N/A : Fedex label
· N/A : Midi Mobil
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Hydrofarm SBM150S 150-Watt Mini Sunburst with HPS Lamp
· Mini sunburst with hps lamp
· Highly reflective european specular comes with cord and lamp
· Easy to hang, lightweight and compact
· Includes instructions, hangers and lighting recommendations
· Measures 18-8/9-inch length by 8-1/4-inch width by 7-inch height
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$127.99   $76.99

Compact Fluorescent Grow Light - 4 pack of 6400K full spectrum grow light bulbs, 13 watt
· SunBlaster's 13 watt Compact Fluorescent Light 4 pack (CFL) with ultra-daylight output are the equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent bulb with high output self-ballasted lamps and low energy consumption.
· Sun Blaster all purpose CFL light bulbs are for designed for horticultural use, however they work equally well in the Office, Warehouse, Classroom, Household anywhere flicker free, healthy full spectrum lighting is desired.
· SunBlaster 13 watt CFL compact fluorescent bulbs fit into a variety of light fixtures such as table lamps, wall sconces and track lights. These bulbs are cost effective replacing your high wattage, short lived incandescent bulbs.
· SunBlaster Full spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs output at 6400 Kelvin, providing natural color comparable to sunlight, increasing visual activity and reducing eye fatigue. SunBlaster CFL bulbs are excellent for supplemental lighting in indoor greenhouse applications, where the Sun's natural light is not available.
· SunBlaster CFL lights feature a 1,100 lumen output and a 10,000 hour life these light bulbs are the equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent bulb and draw only 220mA. Dimensions are 4.4" x 2" inches, easily screwing into any standard light socket.
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FedEx label mobile
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Hydrofarm FLT52 24-Inch 24-Watt T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture with Tube
· T5 fluorescent bulb includes electronic ballast, clips, and fixture
· Includes 120V 6ft grounded power cord
· No frequency flickering
· "Daisy-Chain" cable - Connect up to 8 units
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$35.99   $24.99

Bulb 250W super HPS
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FedEx label Kitchen
· N/A : Kitchen Fedex Label
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FedEx label mini mobile
· N/A : Fedex label
· N/A : mini mobile
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Sun Blaster Sunblaster T5 Universal Light Stand For Growing
· Adjustable height from 1-inch to 16--inch tall
· Fits SunBlaster and many other T5 Light Fixtures
· Non-Slip Rubber Feet
· Convenient Cord Wrap
· Includes heavy duty 10-inch x 20-inch grow tray
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Miracle Ultra Grow Light Bulb
· LED light bulb5" L x 3" W9-1/2 watts990 lumensE26/E27 screw-in base fits standard socketsWeighs 4 oz.20,000 hours estimated lifespan
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Espoma SS8 Seed Starter Potting Mix, Organic, 8 Qts.
· For all seedlings and cuttings.
· Promotes Root Growth.
· In 8 qt. bags.
· Espoma Organic Seed Starter is a rich, premium blend of the finest natural ingredients and is specially formulated to grow seedlings and cuttings.
· Contains : Sphagnum peat moss, peat humus, perlite, and is enhanced with Myco-tone, a blend of mycorrhizae that helps to promote root growth, increase nutrient and water uptake, and grow larger plants with more abundant blooms.
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Espoma SS16 Seed Starting Potting Mix, Organic, 16 Qts.
· Premium potting mix
· For organic gardening
· All natural
· Enhanced with myo tone
· Improve moisture retention
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Hydrofarm Hot House Plus
· The Hydrofarm Hot House Plus grows healthier starts, increases germination success, and has better humidity control for optimum growth
· Includes Jump Start 81 pellet grenhouse to eliminate the fuss and mess of dirt
· The 7" humidity dome makes it perfect for starting cuttings
· Includes waterproof heat mat, humidity dome, 11 by 22 inch watertight base tray, 72 cell seedling inserts, and a seed-starting-booster
· UL listed waterproof heat mat, 17 watts, 120 volt
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$49.99   $39.99

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