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JR Peter's 51324 Jack's Classic 12-15-30 Tomato Feed, 1.5 lb.
· Optimum combination of nutrients for fruiting vine vegetables
· High Potassium assures a good crop
· Produces vibrant green leaves, strong vines and more fruit
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Jacks Prof 77160 Blossom Booster 10-30-20 Fertilizer, 25-Pound
· Use this high phosphorus formulation during periods of bud set to increase number and size of blossoms
· Resume use of traditional production fertilizers for the remainder of growing cycle to avoid internode stretch
· Great for vegetable production
· Available in 25-pound bag
· MPN : 77160
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Jack's Classic Blossom Booster 10-30-20 Water Soluble Plant Food, 1.5 Lb
· Blossom Booster 10-30-20 is a Professional formula designed to produce more flowers and brighter colors on all indoor and outdoor plants
· All indoor and outdoor flowering plants like : geraniums, impatiens, begonias and marigolds.
· Feeds through both the roots and the leaves
· This is the Original Blossom Booster with the proven 1 : 3:2 nutrient
· Great for vegetables and fruit. Can also be used as a transplant solution.
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Jacks Professional 16-4-17 Hydro FeED 25 Lb
· Designed specially for hydroponically grown herbs (basil, cilantro, chives, parsley, etc) as well as lettuce and most vegetables.
· Cutting edge formula provides all the macro, secondary and micronutrients in a balanced blend.
· Includes our proprietary blend of iron chelates that keeps iron available even as the pH varies up to a high of 8.0.
· Also contains a significant level of soluble calcium and magnesium, for an all around balance of plant nutrition .
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Jacks Prof 77900 High Performance Fertilizer, 25-5-15 Fertilizer, 25 Pound
· This fertilizer features high efficiency formula designed to maximize your NPK delivery
· Keeps a balance of macro secondary and micronutrients for optimum plant growth
· Best as a continuous feed for heavy feeding plants in moderate to warm temperatures
· Micronutrients levels are comparable to peat lite formulas
· Can be used as a nutrient booster for great green up for almost all varieties; available in 25-pound bag
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All Purpose 20-20-20 Fertilizer
· L x W x H : 1in. L x 1in. W x 1in. H
· Material :
· Color :
· Warranty :
· Size : 25 lb. bag
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Jacks Prof 77740 Mum Feed Plus Magnesium 22-5-16 Fertilizer, 25-Pound
· Mums are heavy feeders that respond well to additional magnesium, sulfur and iron
· The elevated iron levels found in the exclusive feed iron chelate system keeps iron available to the plant even if the pH rises during the crop cycle
· The additional 2 percent nitrogen in this formula reduces your fertilizer usage by approximately 10 percent
· Making this product is nutritionally effective and cost effective too
· Available in 25-pound bag
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