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Orgoanic - Sugar Baby Watermelon
UPC: 051178035080
Price: $2.49
Availability: In stock.

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There is nothing like the flavor of a homegrown, vine-ripened Sugar Baby. Small, 8-inch, round melons weight 8-10 lbs. each. Inside the fine textured flesh is sweet and juicy. Easy-to-gorw plants are early to harvest and easy to store.


Melons prefer a warm, sunny spot with sandy, fertile soil.  Sow outdoors 2 weeks after the last spring frost when the soil is thorougly warm. Sow seed 1/2 inch deep. Space plants 2 feet apart in rows spaced 6 feet apart. Keep plants evenly moist all season for best production.


Harvest when the tendril nearest the fruit begins to turn brown and melons sound hollow when you knock on the rind. 73 days.

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