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Microbe Lift 1-Quart Pond Microbe-Lift Autumn Winter Prep AUTPREP
UPC: 097121562647
Price: $29.99
  • 1 Quart
Availability: In stock.

  • Helps accelerate the decomposition of leaves, sediment and other organic matter during the fall and winter months
  • Also use to jump start your pond to a healthier environment in the spring
  • A two part system of liquid bacteria and dry, water soluble packets containing a blend of cellulose enzymes
  • Continues to provide sustained biological activity even in water temperatures under 40 degree farenheit
  • If frozen, bacteria will remain effective after thawing out; cellulose producing bacteria and a cold weather bacteria
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Gets your pond water ready for a clean and clear spring. Continues to provide sustained biological activity in water temps under 55 degrees. Helps to maintain a healthy immune system for your fish during the winter months. Reduces buildup of dead leaves and organic sediment all winter long. Effective under ice and snow. Ingredients: Contains a blend of cellulase enzymes, cellulase-producing bacteria and a cold weather bacteria. Accelerate the breakdown of leaves, organic sediment and sludge all winter long.
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