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Clarks 00016 Treekote Brushtop Container, 16-Ounce
· Treekote brushtop container
· The no mess brush is easy to use and will minimize waste
· Use for all of your pruning and grafting projects
· Convenient to use brush-top cap will save you time
· This product comes in plastic bottle which contents 16 ounces
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Clarks 00212 Treekote Aerosol Spray, 12 Ounce
· Protects your shrubs bushes vines and trees from decay insects and fungi
· Shields tree wounds and withstands all weather
· For patching damaged areas of trees and shrubs
· Made in the USA
· Treekote aerosol spray
· Protects your shrubs, bushes, vines, and trees from decay, insects, and fungi
· Tree wound dressing comes in easy to use can
· Apply to fresh pruned areas
· Available in 12-ounce
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Treekote Trowbridge's Grafting Wax 7 Oz
· Improves Grafting success
· Seals in moisture
· Remains flexible
· Made in USA
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