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Tetra Floating Pond Sticks, 1 Lb
UPC: 046798164821
Price: $14.99
Availability: In stock.

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Here are a couple of the advantages to the design of these great TetraPond fish food sticks:

  1. It allows the food sticks to soften quickly because pond fish have no teeth.
  2. This also allows high digestibility which is important because pond fish have no stomachs.
  3. High digestibility promotes clear water by minimizing waste.

Guide to Proper Fish Feeding

  • Feed at least two or three time daily. Only as much food as your fish will consume within five minutes.
  • Pond Sticks is an ideal maintenance diet that provides nutrition for energy, longevity, and overall health.
  • When water temperature is below 50°F pond fish should only be fed TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet. They should not be fed below 39°F.
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