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Dalen 3'x250' Weed-X Fabric
UPC: 016069000172
Price: $136.99
Availability: Sold Out.
  • The ultimate porous landscape fabric for permanent applications
  • Rated #1 for stopping weeds by 8 university studies
  • Patented dual-layer material with a 20-year weed-free guarantee
  • Usage ideas : Home landscaping and gardens, under patios and decks, under walkways and paths, vegetable and flower gardens
  • Weed-free guarantee for 30 years
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3-feet x 250-feet Commercial Grade Weed-X Features: Our heavy-duty commercial Weed-X fabric is the brand contractors have come to trust, Patented dual-layer material provides the ultimate in weed prevention, 25-year weed-free guarantee, Rated #1 for stopping weeds by eight university studies, this fabric is lighter in weight than many other weed fabrics, yet its patented three-layer construction is more effective for weed control and moisture retention. Water, air and nutrients penetrate the fabric; plants don't. How it works: 1. Micro-perforated film layer blocks weeds both above and below fabric. 2. Porous capillary matting draws water to soil, chokes hair roots from above fabric. 3. Non-woven spunbonded fabric layer provides extra strength to resist weed penetration from below Weed-X offers superior weed control, maximum moisture retention and easy installation. Many fabrics only partially prevent weed and root penetration, some provide poor moisture retention and are time-consuming and difficult to cut and install. The design of Weed-X solves each of these problems and more. Only Weed-X offers a weed-free guarantee. The long-term problem with landscape fabrics is root penetration from airborne weed seeds germinating in the top mulch, not weed penetration from below. Extensive university research and testing proves conclusively that Weed-X stops weeds.