Amaryllis Indoors

Amaryllis will provide you with the largest, most exotic bulb flowers you can easily grow in your home. Flowers are 6 to 8” across in a large variety of colors. Amaryllis is a subtropical plant so they do not require a cold period like so many other bulb flowers. Because of this, they are much easier to grow.


Plant your amaryllis in loose potting soil in a tall pot. The size of the pot is determined by the size of the bulb. The pot should be 1” larger on all sides than the size of the bulb. If the bulb still has roots, spread the roots evenly in the pot. The bulb should be pointed upward and the tip of the bulb should stick well above the soil. Initially water the plant well with lukewarm water, but after that not more than once a week till you see that your amaryllis is starting to grow. Amaryllis likes to be grown at 70-75 degrees. Once your amaryllis starts growing you can water everyday. Amaryllis can grow as much as 1” per day. You can prolong flowering by placing your flowering amaryllis in a cool window or cooler room.


"Recycling" Your Amaryllis


(aka: reuse your bulb to make it flower again)


If you would like to try to get more years out of your amaryllis, start feeding it after it starts growing (any good houseplant food will do).


Cut the old stem 6” above the bulb when the stem has finished flowering. Continue to water and feed till June/July.  Remove foliage, stop watering and rest your plant for at least 2-3 months. Some people will plant their amaryllis in a semi-shaded garden during the summer months after the last chance of frost is gone. (This is fine but don’t forget to water if you don’t have any rain). In October, bring indoors and start watering and enjoy them all over again.