Animal Repellents

To keep almost any garden safe and healthy from animals that enjoy eating it requires some kind of tactic of defense.

Deer prefer to feed on the flowers, stems and leafy green foliage of tall plants (although they'll eat wilted vegetation in a pinch), which is why well-tended home gardens are so tempting during the dry summer and frozen winter months. They're adaptive feeders, but they particularly enjoy:
- Tender green plants and shrubs, including geraniums, tulips, roses, azaleas, clover, holly and elderberry.
- Nuts, including acorns (from oak trees), hickory nuts and pecans.
- Fruits, including apples, strawberries, cherries and persimmons.
- Garden crops, including potato plants, lettuce, beans, broccoli and wheat

 are opportunistic herbivores that eat pretty much any type of plant. They typically avoid strongly scented and hairy-textured plants, but even those can be susceptible to damage if temperatures get cold enough and food is in short supply. Wild rabbits particularly enjoy:
- Grassy green vegetation, including Kentucky bluegrass, clover, alfalfa, Timothygrass, crabgrass, plantain, chickweed and dandelion.
- Fruits, including apples, berries and pears.
- Garden crops, including root vegetables, broccoli and cauliflower.


Our Product Recommendation:
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