Aquatic Planting Instructions

For ease of identification, the aquatic plants you’ve received can be categorized as either lilies (Nymphaea), Lotus (Nelumbo) or Shallow Water Plants (everything else including Iris). For best results please refer to the following guidelines for the type of plant(s) you’re working with. All aquatic plants perform their best when grown in good garden soil. Using a plastic container will contain the soil and simplify the task of maintaining the plant and pond. A 1” layer of pea gravel should be placed on top of the soil to prevent fish from disturbing the soil and plant. All rooted water plants will require fertilizer occasionally. Generally, if plants begin to shrink in size during the growing season you can assume fertilizer is needed. We recommend the use of a slow release fertilizer (5 gram) in tablet form. (If using a granular fertilizer, wrap a small amount in a paper towel.) Push either type of fertilizer several inches below the soil surface. Be careful not to over fertilize, as this will promote algae growth. If fertilizer does not cause renewed plant vigor, the container may be too small or sunshine too little. Generally, the larger the container the larger the plant will grow.
HELPFUL HINTS: 1. Choose a cool, shaded area for potting. It is important not to let roots dry out completely. 2. Use regular garden soil, not commercial potting soil mixes. 3. If there are large drain holes in the pots you are using, place a few sheets of newspaper in the bottom before adding soil. 4. Add two 5-gram fertilizer tablets per gallon of soil before placing plant in the pot.
Be careful that plant roots are not touching the fertilizer, as this will burn the roots. 5. Water lilies should be planted as shown : • Never cover the crown with soil. • Place the cut end of the tuber closest to the pot edge. • Planted in relatively still water. Strong water currents are often detrimental to their development. Lotus should be planted as shown on the back: • Tuber should be placed on top of soil and held in place by gravel only until rooted. Shallow Water Plants should be planted as shown on the back. 6. Whenever possible, place newly potted plants at shallow depths and once established move them to deeper depths as indicated in the following chart. If your pond or garden doesn’t have a shelf to allow this, newly potted plants can be raised on bricks. 
New Plant Depths Water Lilies 8”-12” Lotus 2”- 4” Shallow Water Plants 0”- 2” Lily-Like Aquatics 4”- 6” Oxygenators 8”-10” Established Plant Depths Water Lilies 18”-24” Lotus 6”-12” Shallow Water Plants 0”- 6” Lily-Like Aquatics 8”-10” Oxygenators 10”-16” 
7. Winter Care: All Plants – no fertilizer. Prune dead foliage. Hardy Water lilies and lotus - place container so that crown of plant is below the freeze line. Tropical Water Lilies and Lotus - Treat as an annual or store tuber indoors in damp sand at. 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Hardy Shallow Water Plants -Place container so that crown of plant is at least 2” to 6” below the waters surface. Tropical Shallow Water Plants -Treat as an annual or bring indoors as a houseplant