Echinacea Big Sky Series



As a result of crosses between Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea paradoxa there are a host of new and interesting Coneflowers entering the market. The Big Sky Series was recently introduced. As a group, they are rated the best of the new entries. These all have branching habits and strong stems, good flower size and form, fragrance and unique new colors!


Echinacea Big Sky™ Harvest Moon: The flower petals are wide and nearly overlapping, held in a more horizontal plane, not swept back, so they make a great cut flower. The orange cone is attractive all by itself. Good branching. Height 24-29 inches. Spread 18 inches.


Echinacea Big Sky™ Summer Sky: A great bi-color coneflower! Soft peach petals with a rose halo around the cone - 5" blooms and dark stems adorn this robust echinacea. Fragrant, excellent cut flower. Height 36-42 inches.


Echinacea Big Sky™ Sunrise: Flowers are a citron yellow, sometimes fading to near white. Its central cone starts out green and then widens and turns gold as it ages. The nice wide flower petals are slightly reflexed and overlap, giving the blossoms a full, substantial presence. Height 30-36 inches. Hardiness Zone 4-9.


Echinacea Big Sky™ Sundown : Sundown is an intense orange coneflower. Sundown's flowers are slightly smaller than ‘ Sunrise’ but possibly more prolific. Fragrant, superb garden cut flower, and butterfly attractor. Zones 5-8. Height 32-36 inches. Spread 18 inches.