Espoma Company 839295 1 Cubic ft. Moisture Potting Mix

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This Espoma Organic Moisture Mix is ideal for anyone who owns potted plants and is recommended for organic gardening. With this formula containing coir, earthworm castings and myco-tone, you can keep your plants healthy, allowing them to live longer lives with more growth. This organic potting soil mix has been enhanced with coir and myco-tone to improve moisture retention, and promote root growth. Guaranteed to remove not only the stress of drought, but the stress of potentially over or under watering your potted plants. The easiest way to grow big, beautiful, container plants both indoors and out.

Key Product Features 

  • Size: 1 Cubic foot 
  • Formula: Earthworm castings, myco-tone, and coir
  • Organic
  • Recommended for the gardener who owns potted plants 
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