Espoma PR8 Organic Perlite For Healthy Plant Soil, 8 Quart (Pack of 1)

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Espoma Organic Perlite Potting Mix contains all-natural- 100% Perlite

Product Details:

  • All natural – 100% pure
  • Loosens soils & prevents compaction
  • Aerates soil and promotes root growth
  • For Seed Starting or blending a custom potting mix
  • 8-quart bag

Espoma Organic Perlite Potting Mix is specially designed to help improve heavy soils. It is made of 100% pure Perlite which is guaranteed effective in loosening heavy soils and preventing compaction, as well as promoting root growth and aerating the soil. The product comes in 8 qt. bag and is very easy to use and recommended for organic gardening.

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