Are You A Fall Lawn Expert?


Take the quiz and find out! 

Fall is here, and you're wondering if you actually need to do anything for your lawn.
If it made it through summer, it must be okay until spring, right? Test your knowledge with our simple quiz.
Answer the 5 questions below, then tally up your answers to see how you rank on the scale. 
Let's begin!

1. Why is it necessary to remove leaves from your lawn?
a. Trick question. It's not.
b. Leaves block light & trap moisture.

2. At what point in the year should you stop mowing the lawn?
a. The end of September.
b. The beginning of December.
c. When grass stops growing around the first hard frost.

3. How often should you aerate your soil?
a. Every couple of years.
b. Once a month.
c. Once per week.

4. Should you fertilize your lawn in fall?
a. Absolutely!
b. No. It's best to wait until spring.

5. Should you patch your lawn in fall?
a. Yes.
b. No.