Higgins Premium Pet Foods (#21023) Vita Seed Natural Blend Parakeet, 25#

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Your parakeet will love Higgins carefully crafted Vita Seed!

  • Ingredients are natural & free of artificial colors & flavors. The colors are sourced from seeds, spices & vegetables
  • Plant-based DHA omega-3 to support the immune system & overall well-being
  • Contains high-end ingredients & comprehensively formulate products in order to avoid using cheap fillers & find healthier alternatives when possible
  • Enriched with protected probiotics – beneficial microorganisms that support immunity & digestive health
  • Ingredients are quadruple air-washed, meaning significantly less dust & fines
  • Oxygen-barrier packaging that is resealable, so our products stay fresh for longer

Higgins Premium Pet Foods Vita Seed Natural Blend for Parakeets is fortified, seed-based diet is scientifically blended to meet your bird's vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fiber, and digestive enzyme needs. An eye catching, premium mix that will attract even the finickiest of eaters. Diet includes: white, red and grey millet, oat groats, canary seed, hemp, papaya pieces, oyster shell, extruded pellets (vita krunch) and digestive cultures. Recommended by champion bird breeders and avian specialists.

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Food, Feeders & Treats
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