How to Care for Holiday Greens

Fresh greens add a festive touch to both outdoor and indoor decor! Greens can be placed in planters, on table displays, on mantles - the possibilities are endless! So how do you keep greens looking fresh and vibrant for the whole season?


The worst thing for fresh greens is hot, dry air. For outdoor decorating with greens, this usually isn't a problem. Typical winter weather will keep the greens wet and cold. For indoor greens, it's all about location. Avoid placing them near air vents, radiators, etc. If your greens do end up in a hot dry place, don't worry! A small mist bottle with cool water will help them stay fresh much longer. Even if your greens are in a good indoor location, misting every so often will help prevent needle drop. If you are concerned about greens being at their best for a special event or date, keep them refrigerated until ready to use.