Job Description - Information Systems Network Administrator | Part time

Title: Information Systems Technician/Network Administrator  
Department: Corporate Administration
Classification: Part Time, Permanent                                                    
Location: Lititz Wholesale Office

TO APPLY: Please download our application and return your completed form along with your resume via one of two methods listed below.


Maintain various aspects of company’s computer and electronics infrastructure including but not limited to; maintaining networks, servers, computers, printers, phones and security, manage upgrade and installation of new hardware and software, troubleshoot systems failures, and assess and prevent virus to company’s network.

Duties and responsibilities: 

  • Set up and administer shares, groups, and file permissions.
  • Configure, monitor, maintain email applications and virus protection software.
  • Diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware, software, or other network and system problems, and replace defective components when necessary.
  • Diagnose, Repair, Maintain, and Administer computer networks and related computing environments including computer hardware, systems software, applications software, and all configurations.
  • Expand or modify system to serve new purposes or improve workflow.
  • Troubleshoot program and system malfunctions to restore normal functioning.
  • Test, maintain, and monitor computer programs and systems, including installation of computer programs and systems.
  • Provide users with technical support for computer problems.
  • Manage company data backup, disaster recovery, software licensing, security operations
  • Provide emergency off hours technical support
  • Contribute analytical and technical expertise for computer related hardware and plant/business information technology.
  • Additional opportunities available for person with other Skills, Interests or Abilities.

Education & Experience:

  • Coursework in networking, and Microsoft operating systems.
  • Any combination of education and/or experience that demonstrates the ability to perform the duties and responsibilities described above.
  • Person with related skills, interests and abilities such as PLC or other electronic equipment support and maintenance helpful.

Time Requirements:

Flexible schedule due to some work requirements outside of regular business hours, additional responsibilities available for person with related skills, interests and abilities such as PLC and other electronic support and maintenance.