Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green Top Dress Seedling Cover and Growth Accelerator, 45 lbs

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Keep your lawn green and beautiful with seeds from Jonathan Green!

Key Product Features

  • Each bag contains 15 pounds and covers 11,250 square feet area
  • 100% superior grass seed
  • Sun and shade mixture
  • It will grow a thick, dark green lawn in both sun and partial shade areas
  • Wide adaptability and elite varieties
  • Endophyte enhanced for improved insect resistance
  • Sun and shade mixture

Jonathan Green’s Top Dress™ Seedling Cover and Growth Accelerator protects new grass seedlings by preventing washouts and erosion of the seedbed while simultaneously concealing the seed from birds. Good seed to soil contact and consistent moisture are required to get new turf grass seedlings off to a proper start.

The mulch swells to encase the seed in a warm moist blanket. Once the new grass plants are rooted, the mulch biodegrades and disappears into the soil so there is no need for removal. Mow the new lawn when the turf grass grows three inches tall. Germination time for this seed depends on the seed mixture planted.

For the best results, follow the directions below for establishing a new lawn or overseeding an existing one. See the back of the bag for the directions.

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