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JR Peter's Jack's Classic 12-15-30 Tomato Feed, 1.5 lb.

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Could your fruiting vine vegetables use a bit of encouragement? Jack’s Classic Tomato FeED is what they need!

  • Jack’s Classic line of fertilizers - formulation 12-15-30
  • Size: 1.5# tub
  • Water soluble plant food with micronutrients
  • Formulated for vigorous plant growth from roots to green foliage & abundant flowering and fruit set for all tomato varieties
  • Fortified with Magnesium for improved feeding results under diverse soil and growing conditions
  • Also includes Calcium, an effective nutrient to help prevent blossom end rot
  • For use on all tomatoes & peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, squash and zucchini

Jack’s Classic is professional grade fertilizer for the home gardener. Feed your plants with the best quality fertilizer to allow for continued plant health over time. The lines of Jack’s Classic have been crafted to help you get the best yield from your fruit and vegetable plants.

Tomato FeED 12-15-30 is formulated for vigorous plant growth from roots to green foliage, abundant flowering and fruit set for all tomato varieties and blooming vegetables. Tomato FeED contains a micronutrient package and Magnesium for improved feeding results under diverse soil and growing conditions. It also includes Calcium, an effective nutrient to help prevent blossom end rot.

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Fruit & Vegetable
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139 Reviews

  • 5
    Tomatoes did better than ever with this stuff!

    Posted by S. Clayton on Nov 3rd 2022

    As applied like I did (outdoors, but in planters), it was a bit expensive. However, the tomatoes did quitena bit better this year (using it) than previous years (vs not), especially with respect to not loosing larger varieties to blossom end rot.

  • 5
    Wow... Tomato Plants Out of Control

    Posted by Wayne on Oct 21st 2022

    I have 5 plants. Not only has this helped with the Texas heat and not dropping my blossoms, but there are so many tomatoes on each plant it's ridiculous. I'm looking at like 40 tomatoes per plant, maybe more. I'm growing Heirloom Beefsteak and I use the method of feeding on every watering. TIP... when you see open blossoms lightly tap them with a twig to knock the pollen down it will greatly increase yield.

  • 5
    Great fertilizer

    Posted by Customer on Oct 8th 2022

    We used this fertilizer to grow tomatoes, peppers, and a watermelon in 7-gallon containers this past summer. We grew from seed and used a different brand's high nitrogen (11-3-8) fertilizer to encourage growth until the plants reached their full size, and switched to the Tomato Feed fertilizer to support flowering and fruiting. The growing conditions were not ideal - we grew on our apartment balcony with only 5-6 hours of full sun starting during the hottest parts of the day. Despite this, regular weekly feeding with this product (along with watering, pruning, and other maintenance) seemed to greatly benefit the plants. From three plants we harvested about 10 lbs of useable tomatoes. We also got a slightly undersized but still delicious sugar baby watermelon, a quarter pound of peppers from a habanero plant, and a couple pounds of peppers from a jalapeno plant.For the price you don't get a whole lot of fertilizer, but for our needs one 1.5 lb tub is looking like itll last two seasons (I.e., we used about half the tub for our plants over the summer). That said, we did have to use more fertilizer overall growing in containers than we would have had to if we were able to grow in the ground or a bed. Overall, great product, and at the end of our first growing season we are not regretting the purchase at all!

  • 5

    Posted by Linda Craig on Oct 2nd 2022

    Great product. Simple to use, plants love it

  • 5
    Feeds tomatoes as promised.

    Posted by Emily on Sep 5th 2022

    Easy to use once a week.

  • 5
    Fast feeding!

    Posted by Chrissy on Aug 27th 2022

    I use this water soluble plant feed when my plants need fast feeding for the lack of nutrients.

  • 5
    Grow magic!

    Posted by Jomick on Aug 18th 2022

    Absolutely love Jack's fertilizer - it is so easy to use and does a fantastic job with helping my vegetables and flowers grow! A must have every year!

  • 5
    Garden is happy

    Posted by SRose on Aug 15th 2022

    I would recommend if you don't want to do organic.

  • 5
    Makes them grow

    Posted by Ron Cheak on Aug 5th 2022

    Tomatoes plants are looking alot better.

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