Monterey Complete Disease Control Biofungicide/Bactericid for Organic Gardening, 8oz

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An effective and safe way to kill insects!

Product Features

  • OMRI listed formulation can be applied up to the day of harvest
  • For control of plant diseases in home gardens: vegetables, ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, lawns, flowers, bedding plants, and potted ornamental plants
  • Foliar Spray or Soil Drench
  • When applied as a foliar spray, the bacterium in this formula will overpower any pathogenic spores present
  • Application through spray is recommended for those diseases affecting fruits, leaves, and flowers or even anything above ground
  • Drench is preferred for diseases affecting tubers, roots, or any other part of the plant that comes in direct contact with the soil

Monterey Complete Disease Control is a bactericide and bio fungicide rolled into one formula for early diagnosis of bacterial and fungal diseases in plants that may affect leaves, roots, stems or be transferred internally without obvious symptoms. This product can be used as a soil drench to plant roots or as a spray to fruit and foliage.  It is highly recommended to treat plants at the early signs of diseases or even before the disease develops. Packaging may vary.

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