Monterey Garden Insect Spray, Concentrate, 8 oz

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Protect your garden from unwanted pests and intruders with Monterey Garden Insect Spray Concentrate, for Organic Gardening.

Product Details

  • OMRI Listed for organic gardening
  • Biological insecticide
  • Contains Spinosad, a bacterial product produced by fermentation.
  • Controls worms and caterpillars on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and shade trees
  • Easy-to-mix liquid concentrate

Designed for control of foliage feeding worms, caterpillars, thrips, leafminers, and other garden pests. Perfect for use in organic gardening, made for residential use in home gardens, lawns, and ornamentals. It's ideal for protecting vegetables, apples, citrus, and stone fruit, which are irresistible to a wide variety of garden pests. The bottle has a narrow mouth for easy transferring to spray bottles, and has measurements inscribed on the side so you can be precise with how much solution you are using.

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Additional Information

Product Type:
Other Insects
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