Natural Guard Natural and Organic Fruit and Citrus Food 3-5-5, 4lbs

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Keep your plants growing and healthy!

Key Product Features

  • Helps promote vigorous growth and generous yields of nuts or fruits
  • Use on newly planted or transplanted flowers, shrubs, trees and vegetables
  • Safe for use for you family and pets
  • 3-5-5 analysis with a unique blend of beneficial microorganisms

Natural Guard; Natural and Organic Fruit and Citrus Food 3-5-5 is designed to promote healthier growth and improve the yields of all types of fruits, nuts, and citrus. It features the right amount of primary nutrients with 3-5-5 NPK formula, along with a blend of beneficial microorganisms which helps improve the quality of soil and promotes better absorption of nutrients. It strengthens the roots and establishes the balance between soil and plant naturally. This granular formula can be used on newly planted or transplanted flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. It will not burn plants when used according to the directions on the label. It is also OMRI listed so it is safe for organic gardening.

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Additional Information

Fruit & Vegetable
Product Type:
Organic or Natural
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