Novelty EarthBox Beginner-Friendly Plastic Garden Kit

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  • Novelty EarthBox Beginner-Friendly Plastic Garden Kit
  • Novelty EarthBox Beginner-Friendly Plastic Garden Kit
  • Novelty EarthBox Beginner-Friendly Plastic Garden Kit
  • Novelty EarthBox Beginner-Friendly Plastic Garden Kit
  • Novelty EarthBox Beginner-Friendly Plastic Garden Kit
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Anyone can enjoy delicious homegrown veggies, fruits, and herbs grown in an EarthBox!

Product Features

  • What’s included: 1 EarthBox Container, 1 Aeration Screen, Fertilizer*, Dolomite, 1 Water Fill Tube, 4 Casters, 2 Black & White Reversible Mulch Covers and Instruction Sheet & Planting Guide
  • Maintenance-Free System: No weeding or overwatering
  • All plastic components are durable, food-safe, and UV-stabilized
  • Container holds 2.0-cubic, foot of growing media, and reservoir holds 3-gallon of water
  • Staking system and soil SOLD SEPARATELY

The EarthBox Original gardening container and system is designed to make it easy for you to start your own container garden. These unique, sub-irrigated planter box gardens allow home gardeners of any level—from novice to expert—to grow delicious fruit, vegetables, and herbs without the need of a traditional, in-ground or raised bed garden. Grow anywhere: balconies, patios, porches, rooftops—even indoors.

*Standard EarthBox : 7-7-7 fertilizer included

*Natural EarthBox: 8-3-5 natural fertilizer included

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Additional Information

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281 Reviews

  • 5
    Love It

    Posted by Jeff on Jan 4th 2023

    Easiest way to grow large healthy plants with very little effort.

  • 4
    Amazing container garden, questionable packaging?

    Posted by Adian on Dec 14th 2022

    I have several earth box and other similar brand container boxes and I use earthbox for imdoor gardening. I consider this to be the brand name for this type of product.Earth box is so simple to set up and be successful no matter your skill set! I always have great harvest, and because my soil uses organics 100%. I can reuse the soil without even having to till it, time after time.If you want to use it as a no till solution, make sure to start with an organic mix using, no chemical nutrients and definitely add some red wigglers (worms) to keep the biology healthy. I make sure to feed my worms mostly by chopping up any leafs that I trim and just putting them on top of the soil.My most recent order for earth box was received just a few days ago and unfortunately, the fertilizer bags had been opened and completely spilled out. For the price and quality of the product, I would really suggest you look at your packaging. This is why I deducted a star.

  • 5
    Turns brown thumbs into green!

    Posted by GuestGuest on Oct 16th 2022

    AMAZING results. Setup was fun and provided everything but the potting mix and seeds. I'd started Black-eyed Susan seeds in peat pots indoors, then transferred the 10 best to the prepared Earth Box. In planning, I'd bought and installed a wrought iron trellis, then positioned the prepared Earth Box in front. I stuck little stakes in next to each plant, then tied green twine from each to ascending parts of the trellis. Prior to this, I'd failed every planting I'd ever done. Results speak for themselves.

  • 5
    I have 4 Earthbox

    Posted by 123Jump on Oct 16th 2022

    Love them.

  • 5

    Posted by Estarovia on Sep 16th 2022

    These are the most amazing efficient planters.. we tried 'smart pots' and the likes but these work far better and they can be moved to sunny spots as they are on wheels. Our only sunny space is our driveway and these (we have four now) are fantastic.

  • 5
    Sip style gardening works amazing

    Posted by RyCn on Aug 9th 2022

    The best part is u just fill the reservoir with water and can used organic style or synthetic

  • 5
    The EarthBox system is freaking amazing!

    Posted by Paul A. Wagner III on Jul 20th 2022

    Works great!!! Easy to set up and a breeze to maintain, just add water and pick your veggies!

  • 5

    Posted by N2DEEP2X. on Jul 19th 2022

    Great product have 4 and use every year

  • 5
    Excellent planter!

    Posted by Jane Clarke on Jul 14th 2022

    We bought one of these locally and then realized Amazon had them, too, at HALF the price. We really enjoy both of ours and find them easy to work with, easy to move since they are on wheels, and easy to assemble. We use them on a balcony and they are just right, not too wide and fit snugly against the side. So far, every plant we have put in them thrives! Right now we have geraniums, vinca and petunias. SO very glad we found them! All you will need are the plants and your potting soil.

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