Organic Mechanics Pure Rice Hulls Outdoor Gnat Deterrant/Fertilizer, 2 CU FT Bag

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Use as a perlite substitute, fungus gnat deterrent, and weed control!

  • Fungus Gnat Deterrent: Make your plants a place they don’t want to go!
  • Add 0.5?-0.75? to the top of your soil as a mulch
  • Perlite Substitute
  • Weed Control: Stop weeds from growing by adding 1.5?-2.0? to the top of your soil as a mulch
  • Grown, Harvested, and Packaged in the USA!
  • Contains 100% Organic

Organic Mechanics Pure Rice Hulls are used to deter annoying fungus gnats, as a perlite substitute, or as weed control in outdoor containers. To use as a fungus gnat deterrant, simply add a 0.5"-0.75" layer to the surface of the soil, covering the soil completely. It works as a physical barrier they can't get through. If using as a perlite subsitute, blend with soil as needed. Note: You can use up to 10% less Rice Hulls as compared to perlite and still acheive the same level of porosity (or fluffiness) in your soil. If using as a mulch for weed control in outdoor containers, apply a 1" to 2" layer for best results. Rice Hulls break down into Phosphorus and Silica in the soil as they are eaten by soil microbes. Perfect for no-till gardeners or for building a supersoil. When blended into soil as a perlite substitute, Organic Mechanics Pure Rice Hulls last about 3 seasons before they dissapear completely in soil. Contains 100% Pure Rice Hulls. After applying Rice Hulls to your containers or garden, sit back and enjoy a tasty beverage while admiring your work!

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