PittMoss Prime Organic Soil Amendment (Use Like Peat Moss)

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  • PittMoss Prime Organic Soil Amendment (Use Like Peat Moss)
  • PittMoss Prime Organic Soil Amendment (Use Like Peat Moss)
  • PittMoss Prime Organic Soil Amendment (Use Like Peat Moss)
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Prime is a wonderful and eco-friendly soil amendment that replaces sphagnum peat moss, perlite and vermiculite for gardeners looking to blend their own mix, or to improve soil conditions.

Key Product Features

  • Organic Prime Soil Amendment- developed and routinely tested by leading soil scientists
  • Made from recycled paper products, 100% Peat-Free
  • Each cubic foot of Prime saves roughly 2,116 lbs of carbon
  • OMRI listed for organic gardening. Contains no fertilizer.
  • Carbon-rich soil amendment to encourage a living soil environment and support regenerative agriculture
  • Mix with other soils to aerate and encourage root growth
  • Lots of air space to aerate existing mixes and encourage root growth. Better water absorption, wicking and decreased runoff
  • PittMoss fibers are manufactured 100% in the USA – supporting green manufacturing

PittMoss Prime a revolutionary organic soil conditioner and amendment made from upcycled, organic paper fibers. It is engineered to provide great aeration, superior water management capacity and encourages beneficial biological growth. Simply mix PittMoss Prime with native soil, or amend with existing mixes to experience the benefits and turn around even the toughest environments to grow plants. OMRI Listed. Lightweight material easy to carry around.

Prime is OMRI listed for organic growing and is the best soil for sustainably minded, and organic gardeners. This growing media is lightweight, and significantly less dusty than traditional soil mediums. Prime is also the cleanest, most consistent soil on the market, with no pathogens, weed seeds or other heavy metals and harmful ingredients and every batch is tested to ensure quality and optimal performance.


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