Pondmaster DNR02217 700 GPH Pond Pump with Filter and Fountain Set

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Supreme Pond master Filter with 700 GPH Pump. Set includes the Pond master 1000 filter and a Supreme Mag-Drive pump. The system comes complete with the filter, bell style, adjustable fountain heads, pump and a length of tubing to connect pump and filter. Filtering media provides effective biological and mechanical filtration. The system can be used as the sole source of bio-mechanical filtration or in conjunction with an additional external biological filter system.

Key Product Features

  • Power source type: Propane
  • Supreme Pond master filter with 700 GPH Pump
  • Suitable for medium to large ponds up to 1250 Gallons
  • Same as PMK 1250 but with a 700 GPH Pump
  • (CUL/UL Listed)
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