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Standlee Premium Products Western Orchard Grass, 18oz Bag

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All -natural and free of any additives!

Key Product Features

  • Stimulates chewing, which promotes dental and digestive health
  • The long stem fiber fosters the natural foraging instincts which are critical to your animal's overall and dental health.
  • Excellent source of fiber, naturally low protein

Standlee premium Western forage delivers the highest quality small animal products by being vertically integrated and always fresh from our fields to your home. Premium Orchard grass forage for small companion animals is grown to the proper stage of maturity. The plant is cut, allowing them to sun-cure (dry) to an acceptable moisture level, baled, and then Standlee inventory specialists visually inspect and select only the highest quality forage that goes into each bag and box. Standlee logistics ensures the product is delivered fresh and on-time! Premium Orchard grass forage is slightly higher in protein and calories compared to timothy and can be moderate to high in sugar content. To maintain product quality and ensure safety, properly store product in a covered, cool, and well-ventilated environment. As long as the product is properly stored, forages can last for well over a year.

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