Standlee PremiYum Young Guinea Pig Food, 4lb Bag

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  • Standlee PremiYum Young Guinea Pig Food, 4lb Bag
  • Standlee PremiYum Young Guinea Pig Food, 4lb Bag

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Give your little friends the nutrition they need with this high quality guinea pig food from Standlee!

Key Product Features

  • Eliminates selective feeding
  • Assists with proper gut function
  • Minimizes fines and dust particles
  • Reduces ammonia in animal waste

Our nutritionists carefully designed PremiYum Young Guinea Pig Fortified Food to deliver the optimal nutrients to young guinea pigs, lactating sows and breeding boars when combined with Standlee Premium Hand-Selected Forages. Use our on-pack silhouettes to develop the perfect combination and eliminate the hassle of balancing your animal’s feeding program. Feeding Instructions: PremiYum Young Guinea Pig Fortified Food is for guinea pigs under 5 months of age, gestating or lactating sows and breeding boars. Feed 1⁄4 cup of fortified food per 1 lb of animal weight at a minimum. Example: A growing guinea pig under 5 months old and weighing 2 lbs should have access to a 1⁄2 cup of fresh fortified food per day. Adjust quantity based on animal's body condition. Always feed free-choice, clean forage and provide fresh water to assure a healthy animal. Remove any soiled or damp food as needed. See PremiYum Complete matrix above for Standlee Hand-Selected Forage variety recommendations. Consult with your veterinarian when changing your animal's diet.

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