Steinbach (S899) Big NC Pfadfinder Nutcracker, 16.54"

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  • Steinbach (S899) Big NC Pfadfinder Nutcracker, 16.54"
  • Steinbach (S899) Big NC Pfadfinder Nutcracker, 16.54"
  • Steinbach (S899) Big NC Pfadfinder Nutcracker, 16.54"


Are you nutty for nutcrackers? Steinbach's originally designed nutcrackers are a perfect addition to any nutcracker collection!

  • Original Steinbach design
  • Collection: BIG NC
  • Name: Big NC Pfadfinder
  • Approximate Height: 16.54 inches
  • Primary materials: Wood, paint, cloth, faux fur
  • 100% Hand-carved and hand-painted
  • Steinbach Nutcrackers are unique, taken from art, literature & folklore
  • Made in Marienberg/Erzgebirge, Germany
  • Includes original manufacture’s box and packaging

Be ready! A Boy Scout is a member of an international, religiously and politically independent child and youth education movement open to people of all nationalities and faiths. Scouting focuses on nature and the environment. Well dressed from head to toe is our 16" tall nutcracker Boy Scout ever. In his boy scout uniform, consisting of a scarf, the wool felt hat, blouse and leather pants, he is perfectly equipped to defy wind and weather. His binoculars, boy scout handbag and his scouting manual must not be missing either. Handmade in Germany with love and care - by Steinbach! Add or start your collection with this Steinbach nutcracker. Steinbach is proud to offer this beautiful hand-carved and hand-painted creation that will certainly become a cherished holiday decoration for many years to come whether for yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one.

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