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SunBlaster (#0900152) CFL Self ballasted Propagation Lamp, 6400K Light Spectrum

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SunBlaster provides your plants with the benefits of full spectrum lighting.

  • CFL Self ballasted Propagation lamp
  • Equivalent To 60W Incandescent
  • 6400K Light Spectrum
  • UL listed
  • 13W
  • 400K
  • 900 Lumens
  • 10,000 hour life
  • Fits Standard Size Light Socket

These SunBlaster CFL self ballasted bulbs are perfect for all types of indoor growing applications. Use these lamps anywhere you need to replicate the sun’s natural light. Easy to use, this 13 Watt lamps simply screws into any standard size light socket. The 6400K spectrum of these lamps is ideal for propagation and continued growth of most indoor plants. These self ballasted lamps us very little power which makes them very affordable. They are great for providing the full spectrum lighting that our plants need to grow and thrive. You can use these light to showcase or maintain the healthy growth of your indoor plants all through the year.

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