SunBlaster NanoDome LED Mini Greenhouse Kit

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  • SunBlaster NanoDome LED Mini Greenhouse Kit
  • SunBlaster NanoDome LED Mini Greenhouse Kit


Start your plants out in a place of your convenience with this mini SunBlaster Greenhouse!

Key Product Features

  • Includes high efficiency LED grow light strip with power cord, heavy duty tray base and vented NanoDome greenhouse enclosure
  • Sets up in minutes for indoor germination, growing fresh vegetables, plants, microgreens and herbs
  • The 18 Watt full spectrum 6400k LED grow light strip acts as the sun's substitute for safe and rapid indoor plant growth.
  • Portable and lightweight for easy setup in the place of your choosing

The SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kit comes to you as a complete, ready-to-grow indoor greenhouse.  Just add your favorite soil, seeds (or seedling plants), water and you will be growing in no time.  It's just that easy!  Included SunBlaster 18 Watt full spectrum, highly efficient 6400k LED grow light strip to replicate Mother Nature for safe and rapid indoor plant growth.  The heavy-duty reusable tray base also holds most standard 10” x 20” nursery 1020 insert trays.  The 7” vented NanoDome features convenient recessed light tracks and is large enough to accommodate most common herbs, salad greens, vegetable seedings, microgreens and flower propagation.  With the compact footprint, it will fit nicely in your apartment, kitchen, office, mobile home, etc and helps encourage a healthier lifestyle with access to homegrown greens in your life within arms reach.  For added growing space, multiple greenhouses can be arranged in a row and the ingenious recessed light tracks in the NanoDome enclosure allow for light strips to run across multiple greenhouses. 

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