TetraPond 26429 Pond De-Icer

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Before winter sets in, invest in a TetraPond De-Icer. Gases, which are produced by decomposing organic material, are toxic to fish when they are trapped beneath ice covering the pond's surface. In small ponds, the TetraPond De-Icer is especially helpful in preventing ponds from freezing solid. Remember, for fish safety, it is extremely important to never break ice on the pond because the shock waves can be detrimental, and sometimes fatal, to fish. The TetraPond De-Icer helps release harmful pond gases by keeping an area of the pond ice-free. Energy-efficient thermostat control saves energy costs by shutting off power when not needed. Effective to -20°F (-18°C). Natural stone finish. 300 watts. UL approved. 15 foot electrical cord. Three year limited warranty. Like any pond de-icer, the TetraPond De-icer will not keep the entire pond ice-free. Only an area is kept free of ice to allow harmful gases to escape.
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