The Environmental Factor 7000500 Pot Popper Pro Gnat & Thrip Control, 50 pk

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Fast and easy control of Fungus Gnats and other pests in potted plants!

  • Effectively kills Gnats in potted plants
  • 1 Million Beneficial Nematodes (S.Feltiae)
  • Slowly releases nematodes into soil for longer lasting control
  • Use on indoor, greenhouse, growroom plants as well as outdoors in containers and gardens, use every time you change growing Media
  • Compatible with peat, coir, rock wool, vermiculite and other soil growing media
  • Can be easily used on indoor, outdoor and greenhouse plants
  • Contains 50 packs (sachets) of 1 million nematodes packaged in a biodegradable pouch
  • Apply 1 pack (sachet) per 5 gallon pot
  • Exclusive non refrigerated nematode formulation
  • We can/will not ship this product to the state of HI due to State regulations

Nema Globe Pot Popper Nematodes contain new patent pending infusion bio-pouch technology that kills Gnats in potted plants. They contain a naturally occurring insect parasite nematode that seek out the larval stages of fungus gnats and the soil dwelling stages of western flower thrips. Box contains enough sachets to treat 50 plant pots. Simply add to the soil and water in. Nema Globe Pot Popper Nematodes should be used with every bag of indoor potting soil used to help prevent gnat infestation. Now in non-refrigerated format.

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