Tips for Keeping Your Pond Clean and Clear



1. Cover 60-70% of pond surface with water lilies and other floating aquatic plant life.


2. Use one bunch of submerged plants per square foot of pond surface.


3. Stock scavengers at one per square foot of pond surface.


4. Fish load, 1” of goldfish and 1/2” of koi per 5 gallon of pond water.


5. The use of a good bio filter and U.V. light.


6. Don’t over feed the fish it adds to the green water problem.


For the first fill or refill of the pond:


1. Fill pond with water. Add a chloramines remover if your water is chlorinated.


2. Introduce potted plants and bunched submerged plants to your pond.


3. After two weeks your pond will cure. The water will probably turn green. Don’t panic, this is normal. You can use an algaecide to kill the algae or use a U.V. light to half the algae. Run the filter at this time.


4. After the two weeks add your fish and scavengers.


5. Never scrub the sides of your pond. Spray dirt off with a hose in spring.