Ultra Compost Crumbles 25 lb bulk bag (Organic Soil Conditioner)

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Ultra Compost Crumbles 25 lb bulk bag (Organic Soil Conditioner) Ultra Compost is a nutrient rich granule derived from food waste, leaf and yard trimmings which has went through heat composting. The heat process benefits by killing weed seeds and pathogens breaking down the material into very fine compost. It is enriched with natural stover, calcium and other essential micro nutrients. Our compost is an important organic amendment for your soil because of its excellent organic matter content which is the basis for building a strong structure of carbon compounds within the soil. •Supplies beneficial microorganisms to soils for microbial activity to flourish. •Excellent Organic matter helps build soils to retain water. •Accelerated root growth. •Easy and simple to spread. •Non Toxic. •Pet Safe. •Insect free. •Manure and Odor Free. •Improves soil structure, porosity, seed germination, and fertility. •Crumbles break down quickly after watering. •Over applying is not necessary however it will not harm plants or lawns. •Great for gardens, raised beds or containers. •Saves money, reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. •Environmentally Safe Organic Compost for Indoor or Outdoor use •Great for Flowers, Vegetables and Lawns Enjoy all the benefits of compost “without the mess”! 25 lb bag typically covers 1750 sq ft
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