What to do with your Christmas Tree after Christmas?

Many of us use live cut trees as part of our Christmas celebration.  Nothing can quite take the place of the smell, look and feel of a real Christmas tree.  Do you remember bundling up and piling in the car as a child, ready to head out on your annual search for the perfect Christmas tree?  It's a tradition for many families.  Unfortunately these trees we cut down can not be replaced. Some people merely toss the tree on to the curb after the holidays, leaving it for the garbage collectors. But you don't have to completely waste your Christmas tree once the season is over.  What do you do with your Christmas tree after the Holidays are over? Here are some ideas.


1.  Move your cut Christmas tree outside and redecorate it for the birds.  Anchor the tree as best you can.  Try using a bucket full of damp sand.  Hang birdfeeders from the tree in your.  If you have time or have children you can get a little more creative.  Use left over fruits such as apples and oranges and strings of popcorn and cranberries to decorate the tree.  Make edible ornaments out of left over breads.  Pine cones covered with peanut butter then dipped in birdseed are also a tasty treat to add to your tree.  Push the treat ornaments well into the tree for best results.  


  2.  Cut the branches off and use them for some creative decorating around your home. Branches can easily be cut off with a yard clippers.  Decorate some of the boughs with pine cones and berries to make attractive wreaths and garland. Add the greens to flower boxes and planters outside for some color during the winter.


  3.  Pine branches can be layered on top of plants you want to protect from the winter freeze. 


  4. Use the pine needles as mulch over the winter and cut the branches and the trunk for firewood.


  5. Recycle your Christmas tree. Many cities and towns run program where residents can put their tree on the curb during a certain morning or day of the week. The city picks up the trees and then processes them through a wood chipper. The chips from the leftover trees are then used for mulch or ground cover in playgrounds and parks. Check with your local waste management company and your city council to find out about programs like this in your area.