Winter Containers


Winter containers are a fun and easy way to brighten up the colder months. Outdoor winter containers feature hardy plants, while indoor winter containers can have an incredible amount of variety.




Several factors need to be considered when making an outdoor winter planter. The plants, location, and type of container all matter.


Plants should be about two zones hardier than the zone you live in – this will help account for deep freezes and any unusually cold temperatures. However, that’s not to say that plants hardy to your zone definitely wouldn’t make it. The hardier the plant, the better its chances are.


Containers should be frost-proof. There’s nothing worse than putting together a gorgeous container only to have the pot crack and crumble underneath it. Terra cotta is particularly susceptible to this. Choose a good frost-proof container with a drainage hole, and it will contribute to the overall success of the container garden. Not sure which pot is best? Don’t hesitate to ask!


Location isn’t a huge deal, but it is something to consider depending on your average winter weather. Containers will usually fair slightly better in a protected location. This can help to prevent both cold and wind burn on foliage. If you notice that your winter containers are really taking a beating, try moving them to a more sheltered area.




Indoor containers for winter are almost limitless. From terrariums to seasonal plantings, your options are varied. Holiday containers make lovely gifts or centerpieces; try using a cyclamen or poinsettia as the focal plant, then surround it with miniature greens like ferns and ivies. Succulents and kalanchoe are also great choices. Just remember to take light and water into account – it is best to choose plants that have similar light and water requirements, to ensure that the entire container stays looking fresh and vibrant.