Zilla (#GSA14BFG05) Premium Bark Blend Reptile Bedding & Litter 

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  • Zilla (#GSA14BFG05) Premium Bark Blend Reptile Bedding & Litter 
  • Zilla (#GSA14BFG05) Premium Bark Blend Reptile Bedding & Litter 
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Zilla is committed to producing innovative products to build and maintain a healthy reptile habitat. From terrariums, bedding, lighting to décor— Zilla provides all the necessary components for the successful keeping of reptiles and amphibians. 

Key Product Features 

  • Size: 24qt
  • 100% organic ground bark from douglas fir trees
  • Encourages natural digging and burrowing behavior
  • Evenly distributes heat and humidity throughout the terrarium
  • Ideal for chameleons, frogs, snakes, skinks and rainforest geckos
  • Oven dried process naturally removes bark dwelling pests
  • Made in the usa

Made from premium fir bark, Zilla Bark Blend is heat treated to efficiently absorb moisture maintaining humidity levels in the terrarium. This also eliminates the unwanted pests that are naturally found in bark creating a healthy environment for your reptile. Reptiles from a variety of habitats, from the tropics to northern forests, will thrive in additive-free Douglas Fir bark. This product is 100% organic and is readily biodegrade in a backyard compost at the end of its useful life. Easy to use, great for your reptile friend, great for the environment.

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Additional Information

Amphibians & Reptiles
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Bedding, Cages and Pens
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