Zilla Snake Rock Enclosure, Large

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  • Zilla Snake Rock Enclosure, Large
  • Zilla Snake Rock Enclosure, Large


Humidity is important in helping reptiles shed their skin. When laying eggs, humidity is needed to keep them from drying out and perishing. These naturalistic hideaways provide humidity for your reptiles, as well as a dark den area to feel safe. Designed to keep the humidity from escaping, the large entrance is on the side making it easy for the animal to climb in, allowing for fresh air to be exchanged and help prevent molding. The entrance ramp and wall reduces the amount of light surrounding the animal which mimics a burrow and creates a more secure hiding space. The natural mossy appearance looks amazing and doubles as a rough surface for snakes and geckos to rub against and remove sloughing skin.

Key Product Features

  • Incredible natural look
  • Provides dark secure hide with high humidity
  • Humidity within lair aids in shedding, while outer texture aids in shed skin removal
  • Perfect egg laying environment




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Amphibians & Reptiles
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Bedding, Cages and Pens
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