Annin Flagmakers 5 Foot Wood Pole Banner Kit

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  • Annin Flagmakers 5 Foot Wood Pole Banner Kit
  • Annin Flagmakers 5 Foot Wood Pole Banner Kit
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Fly your patriot pride with this American flag pole set from Annin Flagmakers.

Product Details

  • 2.5 x 4 feet printed Republic US Banner
  • Flag is made of 70-percent polycotton, 30-percent cotton, appropriate for indoor and outdoor use
  • 1-piece 5-foot wood pole with varnished ball top, pole diameter 1 inch
  • 2-way nylon bracket
  • Non-furl swivel clip

The American flag is one of the most iconic flags of the modern world. It has a variety of names from Old Glory, The Star-Spangled Banner to the Stars and Bars, however the basic design, and representation have changed little since its adoption in 1777. It features thirteen bars, representing the 13 original colonies, in the colors red and white, which represents valor and purity. In the left corner it features stars, each one representing a state, on a blue background, representing the union and perseverance and justice.

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